• Ryan Prouty - Owner, Grappling for Gifts

2020... not so bad!

We would like to thank everyone who made this possible. With 2020 now being considered a four letter word, we thought it would stink like a lot of things this year. But COVID was no match for you guys! Family, friends and strangers alike all came together for the greater good and we came in this year at a little over $6,000! This is our second biggest in our 5 years of raising money. I'm incredibly humbled. I have received some awesome messages from folks thanking us for what we are doing. Personally I have troubling accepting compliments on something I'm doing when there are kids in the CHOI fighting every day. Those kids are true heroes. All we are trying to do is help them have a better day with something like an action figure, a crayon set, a bubble wan or some match box cars. This isn't research, or medicine, or anything like that..... but it's something small that will hopefully make a kids day a little easier. In 2020 every little bit helps...

Thank you from the Prouty Family,

Ryan, Abby, Catalina and Victor

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