• Ryan Prouty - Owner, Grappling for Gifts

Yep... 2020 stinks.

2020... what can you say? Raising donations this year has been tough. With COVID and all things related GFG has had to change some things up.

Here is a short list of things that can't happen this year:

- I will NOT be traveling to gyms this year for seminars. I only did a few to begin with but to keep things as safe as possible I will be skipping these this year.

- I am going to suspend the raffle for this year to. So far all the companies that I have reached out to about making a raffle donation have come up goose eggs. Businesses are struggling this year, I get it.

Here is what CAN happen:

- BJJ gyms are slowly coming back to full steam. I am asking if any schools would like to hold their own charity open gym for Grappling For Gifts! If you do you will receive a sweet banner from us (see previous post) to hang in your gym... letting everyone know not only how tough you are but that you helped out a worthy cause.

Please let people know about this website and how awesome it is to buy kids toys!!!!

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