It has BEGUN!!!!! 

Big thanks to our friends at GoldBJJ for offering up this year's first raffle prize!  They have offered up a $100 gift card to be used on their site! Huge thanks Cole and crew at Gold BJJ for helping us fight the good fight! Also... their Pre-Roll powder is GOOD!


Please give them a look! Really good stuff on their social media!



Once again our friends at Datsusara are helping us fight the good fight! I have been a fan of Datsusara for a long time. Even before we started Grappling For Gifts. They use eco-friendly hemp in all their products. They are made to last. And they do. I have several of their products and all are great! Two times now I have emailed them and asked if they would like to help out. Twice they replied within minutes! Awesome people with really quality products. They donated a great 29L gear bag! Thanks again to Ben and the crew out in Oregon! You guys are awesome!




Please check them out!



Item #3 is in! Huge thanks to our friends at Gracie University! They offered up a free online course as a prize! The winner of this can choose from Gracie Combatives, Women Empowered, or Gracie Bullyproof! These courses are sold for $189 each but one of these can be yours with the right ticket number! Every $20 donated will get you an entry to the GFG 2021 raffle!

Thanks again to the fine folks at Gracie U for offering up such a cool prize! I'm always a fan of their positivity and huge hearts over there! Not to mention the incredible jiu-jitsu... Please give them a look!