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11/17/22 and 11/20/2022

I had a great time teaching jiujitsu to multiple law enforcement folks tonight! We had officers from Tazewell, Peoria, and Woodford Counties. Plus local Pekin PD and couple Security Officers from the National Guard base! It was a fun couple hours and as always this was a charity seminar! 100% of donations will go to Grappling For Gifts and that will get toys in hands at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois!

Big thanks to Obed, Blaine, Nate, and Blake for coming in to help out! PAC family!


Another great GFG charity seminar! Huge thanks to Keith Steinacher of Strategic BJJ for coming to town and being a great example of someone using jiujitsu for the greater good! He showed some great stuff and we all had a blast! Thanks to everyone who came and donated! We are making more and more smiles happen!


GFG sponsored a hole at the annual Johnny Mac Golf-Palooza again this year! Check out the photos link above to see some great selfies that were taken with our sign!

GrapplingForGiftscom-logos_2022 red copy.jpg


Kicking off 2022 with some pizza! please come join us at the pizza ranch in Morton on 8/8/22 from 5-8pm!


New banks accounts are now official! So now when you donate you will be using some form of Grappling For Gifts via PayPal, Venmo, etc. Links on the donate page have been updated!


I finally decided to at GFG to Instagram. So please follow our page for all the latest and greatest! AND PLEASE SHARE! I just grabbed a handful of past photos to put in there for now. 


I had a great talk with Keith McKeever this afternoon. Keith started Mission309 to showcase positive stories in Central Illinois. I was honored to talk to him about the charity! Please check it out!


Blog Article:

Mission309 Page:

He also hosts the Battle Buddy podcast that highlights veterans and their stories!

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